The Struggle Is Real?!?!

About two years ago, in an effort to teach Caden the golden rule (It’s better to give than to receive), I told Caden to gather up the toys he weren't playing with so we can donate to charity. Caden was not too thrilled about the idea of giving away his toys, even the ones that no longer peaked his interest. I explained to Caden that there are kids whose parents are unable to buy them toys so other kids donate toys to them. We didn’t get anywhere that day; Apparently Caden needed time to process my request.

The next day in an effort to revive yesterday’s conversation, I told Caden let’s pack up a few of his toys to take to the shelter. Caden responded, “Mommy, you work hard to buy me toys, why can’t those kids Mommy’s and Daddy’s work hard to buy them toys?”

Immediately I thought to myself, “I am raising a republican.”

I went on to explain to Caden that every family have a different situation and the nature of some requires them to need help from others. I then made the mistake of saying to Caden, “The struggle is real”, and of course he responded, “why is the struggle real?” (Inserts crying emoji right right here.)

I suspect Caden is not the only one who has once reasoned a directive. How many times has God told us to do an act of kindness for someone and we say, “Oh, that person doesn’t need it” or “They have a better job than me, why can’t they buy it for themselves or even for me?”

Many of us can attest to covering up the severity of our situation during difficult seasons, therefore, we should not attempt to reason away a directive from God or the desire to do a good deed for someone. The struggle is indeed real on every leaning side, but just because the lean is not visible from your vantage point doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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