There's only one God

A few nights ago, after picking up Caden and my niece from a play date, we were riding through the neighborhood which the play date was held, admiring the decorated houses. During that time, this conversation ensued:

Caden: “I can’t wait to get presents on Christmas.”

Me: Presents from whom?

(After a slight pause)

Caden: “From Jesus”

Niece: (trying to upstage Caden’s response) “Well I can’t wait to get presents from Jesus and God.”

Caden: “They’re the same person. There’s only one God. I don’t know why people keep talking about three and four Gods, there is only one God. You shouldn’t worship three and four Gods, and you should not worship idols. Do you hear me?”

Niece: (with the side-eye) “Caden! What are you talking about. I don’t even know what you’re talking about?”

Caden: (irritated) “I thought I made myself clear! You should worship one God and you shouldn’t worship idols. An idol is a golden statue. You should not worship idols and you shouldn’t worship more than one God...”

During this very enlightened conversation, I sat in the front seat both tickled and amazed at the conversation. Clearly, my niece stuck a nerve in Caden, which sparked some curiosity in me. I thought to myself, how does a conversation about Christmas lights and presents, turn into a conversation about idols and polytheism? But that’s just it, if we are not careful, particularly during this season, we allow the lights and presents to take the place of the true meaning of Christmas. Essentially, we become idol worshippers and servants to the world's demand of the holiday season without even realizing it. So, instead of freaking out because you miss the sale on your child’s number one toy on their Christmas last (and now you have to pay full price) or because the Christmas tree is not decorated to your standards, pause and remember what this season is about.

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