Did you forget you're my mommy?

About a year ago, in an effort to force Caden to be a little independant; ok, maybe that was the end goal but in the spirit of keeping it real, I was running late and needed him to get himself dressed that morning. I laid out all his things and instructed him on what to do. Caden was both shocked and appalled. I explained that we were behind and I needed him to be a big boy and help himself. Ignoring the fact that I asked him to get himself ready for school, Caden kept asking me to assist him. Again, I reiterated to Caden that we were running behind schedule and I needed him to be a big boy and help himself. A few seconds later, after pondering my response, Caden looked at me with a serious but concerned look and said, “Did you forget?”

With a puzzled expression on my face I asked, “What did I forget?”

Caden then responded, “Did you forget you’re my mommy?”

I literally laughed out loud after hearing his response but Caden stood there as serious as ever. I assured Caden that I did not abandon my parental duty to him. I also let Caden know that part of being a good mommy is to foster his independence by stepping back and allowing him to do things for himself. Caden wasn’t thrilled with my response but he went on and got himself dressed.

Of course this got me to thinking, how many times have we felt like God has abandoned us? Particularly in those situations when God has come through for us time after time and now we’re faced with a similar situation and God is seemingly unavailable to assist us. Beloved, it is in those times that God is standing by, excited to see the manifestation of the thing that God has already placed inside of us. It’s like the child learning to ride a bike without training wheels. After much coaching and practice, there comes a time when the parent has to let go, stand back and watch. Beloved, God hasn’t forgotten about God’s parental duty to you as a child of God; God is simply standing back and watching as you swerve down the path of purpose, knowing that the coaching and practice will eventually smooth out the crooked ride.

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