Preacher Mommy Chronicles: Intro

When my son was first born, I kept imagining what each stage would be like and as I entered my single parent woes I found myself longing for each stage to hurry up and come. I kept longing for the day he would walk and talk and become self sufficient. I never imagined that those seemingly easy phases would bring its own challenges. Caden started to walk around 15 months which immediately turned into running and before long my days were spent chasing after him. I remember thinking to myself, "I miss the days when he didn't walk.

At his annual doctor's appointment for his 2nd birthday, his doctor was concerned about his lack of words spoken and simple sentence forming. Of course, I was concerned as well because I had already imagined how easy life would be without having to figure out how Caden was feeling or what his reasons were for crying. The doctor gave me a referral that day for a speech therapist and recommended I contact this person immediately. Within a few days of leaving the doctors office Caden started talking, it was as if he understood the doctors concern and rebutted by saying "What speech therapy?" From that time on Caden haven't stopped talking and his eloquence in speech continues to amaze me. But I have to admit, every now and then, particularly when I am in the middle of a good movie, I long for the days when Caden didn't speak much.

Now before you start side-eyeing me, let me tell you the lesson I learned from these instances and others: I learned to take my time, not rush things and to simply enjoy the process. Caden is almost seven and I can finally say that I am enjoying him everyday. And everyday I continue to learn lessons of faith, hope and love because I'm taking the time to enjoy his growth process.

This is why I created this blog, The Preacher Mommy Chronicles. As a preacher, I pray, prepare and preach often, meanwhile my son preaches to me daily by simply living. In this blog, I desire to share some of the spiritual lessons I have learned from him.

Welcome to The Preacher Mommy Chronicles!

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